[theforum] internationalisation

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Dec 7 12:04:44 CST 2008

Martin Burns wrote:
> On 7 Dec 2008, at 05:30, Erika wrote:
>> would it be weird/crazy/out-of-line to start a list just for this?
> Experience shows that it would inevitably come back here anyway.

When thesite formed in 2000, theforum didn't exist.  The forum, in many 
ways, came about because (it appears) admin grew more comfortable with 
an open list, *after* thesite.  So thesite may have been necessary for 
theforum.  Later, theforum took over and thesite shut down. And we still 
have some discreet lists.

Part of the idea of an i18n list would be to have a focused working 
group, bring new people in, do introductions and such.  If the entire 
forum wants to come along for the ride, and keep it all here, then 
that's ok too.  It will definitely change the atmosphere of theforum, 
but it may well be a positive change.

So: does theforum want to be the main place where we talk 
internationalisation/localisation?  Let us know. Else, silence = yes.


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