[theforum] internationalisation

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Sun Dec 7 17:09:23 CST 2008

.:| When thesite formed in 2000, theforum didn't exist.  The forum, in
.:| many
.:| ways, came about because (it appears) admin grew more comfortable
.:| with
.:| an open list, *after* thesite.  So thesite may have been necessary
.:| for
.:| theforum.  Later, theforum took over and thesite shut down. And we
.:| still
.:| have some discreet lists.

It's actually somewhat more complicated than that - holler if you want the
more complex version ;)

.:| So: does theforum want to be the main place where we talk
.:| internationalisation/localisation?  Let us know. Else, silence = yes.

I actually agree with you on that one - it would propably be too much noise
here for all that discussion. But perhaps certain development should take
place here and then i18n should be the maintenance/addition of languages
when devel is done?


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