[theforum] internationalisation

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Dec 7 19:29:24 CST 2008

Elfur Logadóttir wrote:
> But perhaps certain development should take
> place here and then i18n should be the maintenance/addition of languages
> when devel is done?
> /elfur

Well there is a larger project underway which we're calling "rethinking 
evolt.org" which is basically an IA/rethinking w.e.o.*  "Rethinking 
w.e.o" should definitely stay here.

Internationalisation would be folded into that (IOW we won't make 
choices for w.e.o. that run against our ability to move forward with 
i18n), but i18n/l10n is a big enough project on its own that I think it 
deserves its own group.

The internationalisation/localisation part is something that I think we 
should really say, "ok, we have already decided to go this direction, 
years ago, it just got set aside for more pressing issues." But there is 
only MORE reason to move ahead on this today.  The time is here.  So 
instead of sitting back and waiting for yet another rehashing, we're** 
saying "let's move forward on this one, regardless."



* w.e.o. is the evolt.org website, for those new to the party.

** the royal, borg-queen, "we."

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