[theforum] projects

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Dec 7 20:09:43 CST 2008

Sorry if my communication is bad.  It probably looks like I'm running 
all over the place.

I'm thinking about how to word a 10volt article that updates the 
community on what we've been up to.  I am going to post a draft 
somewhere and hopefully other people can fill in the blanks and it will 
be a group effort.

The idea is to respond to feedback that has been coming through in 
various flavors of "evolt.org is dead/dying/abandoned."  I'm not saying 
those perceptions don't have some basis in reality.  I'm saying that to 
the extent those perceptions have a basis in reality, we are actively 
and energetically changing that reality.

The projects: server upgrade, software upgrade, and rethinking w.e.o. 
(because based on feedback, we need more than a simple front-end 
upgrade).  Add to that, internationalisation/localisation, and fundraising.

I'm hoping that will help us with fundraising and with infusing new 
energy into theforum so that we can keep moving forward.

That's what's been in my head this past week.


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