[theforum] servers

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Dec 12 21:47:42 CST 2008

Are we still running two servers for w.e.o?  Could one of the sysadmins 
lay out the next steps we need to take to get the site completely moved 
over?  I want to make sure things keep moving forward.

Also, could we lay out a process for working on t.e.o.?  Are we going to 
use SVN?  Where's the repo? etc.

I know we have to decide what to do with our front end; I just want to 
have the process established/understood.  I don't fully understand what 
steps to take next, in terms of the hands-on work.

It would be nice if someone could set up our version control system 
while front-end folks are getting their stuff together.



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