[theforum] is it 10volt in India yet?

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sat Dec 13 11:10:17 CST 2008

What about China?   Australia?  ok maybe in a couple of hours.  BTW I am 
mercilessly cross-posting this one, because it's a special occasion.

Evolt.org has made it through an entire decade.  I have to especially 
show appreciation to those folks who have stayed, and kept the thing 
running the whole time.  Seriously, it brings tears to my eyes.


What is 10volt?  It is time to 1. celebrate, 2. stand back and rethink 
evolt.org. Ask what niche we fill today (if any), what niche we *should* 
fill, what needs our community has that we could potentially meet.  It's 
a beginning.

I'm have put an article in queue, and plan to pull the trigger around 
noon, by which time I'm pretty sure it will be 10volt in India.

The article has been on the wiki and I've told you all about it so 
everyone should have had a chance to look it over and add to it. 
However, if I get anything wrong, don't hesitate to take action.

I need to be very busy over the next 24 hours with my daughter's big 
birthday bash, slumber party, got to make a cake and such.  Then, if we 
aren't snowed in, I have beervolt plans for tomorrow.

It would be *wonderful* if some other folks wrote stuff, from a personal 
perspective, honoring our anniversary, as we have in years past.



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