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David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Sun Dec 14 20:42:07 CST 2008

Hi Erika,

"Erika" <ekm at seastorm.com> wrote:
> yikes.  this hasn't been updated since 2002.
> http://evolt.org/help_support_evolt

Actually 2002 is when the article was originally *posted*.  It's been 
updated at least 3 times that I know of.  With cafepress details back in 
2003 or so, and someone added the section about Google ads in the browser 
archive http://evolt.org/help_support_evolt#google-ads in 2004, and a small 
updated in 2007, mentioned in the comment here: 
http://evolt.org/help_support_evolt#comment-65033 apparently in 2007.

But I agree that it's hard to tell, and far easier, especially to casual 
visitor and the general public, to conclude that the whole page is 6 year 
old cruft.

I dislike the "Drupalization" of pages like these.  This one for instance 
is a long-standing about-us type page, not a blog post in 2002 by Marlene. 
But I don't know if Drupal even *can* publish a simple static page that 
doesn't have a) a byline and photo, b) a "posted" date or c) a feedback 
form at the bottom that encourages years of (mostly just distracting) 
crufty comments to accumulate beneath the content of the page...


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