[theforum] Evolt.org login strangeness

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Sun Dec 21 03:52:45 CST 2008

Hi Folks,


I'm encountering some strangeness with the evolt.org site login. I recently
wrote an article which appeared on the front page. I clicked on the title
and got:

login to evolt.org

Oops! You must be logged-in to view this page. Please login
<http://evolt.org/user>  or register <http://evolt.org/user/register> . 

-          So I did login and then tried again. And got the message again,
when clicking on the title and on read more. I then clicked on the category
Site Development and from that article listing I could access the article. 

-          I then logged out and I could access the article ok from all the

-          So I logged in again and access was again OK and I could edit the
article, which I did to correct some minor typos and re-submitted it. It has
now disappeared completely. 

-          If I use the http://evolt.org/when-wikis-go-bad link I again get
the login message even though I'm logged in.


One or both  of us is confused ;)



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