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Jon Molesa rjmolesa at consoltec.net
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> I'm sorry to hear it.  I'm still available and willing to help with
> server/database/code related tasks.  I'm specifically interested in
> helping with the migration.

By the way, I'm not offering because I'm looking for a learning
opportunity.  I'm offering to help because I have skills that I believe
would be useful to your effort.  I don't really need training or
hand holding.  I've been a member of thelist for a lot of years and I've
always wanted to contribute in someway to a project and believe I could
be of use.  Could someone please respond one way or the other.  I've
been hanging out for a few weeks hoping for a response of welcome to the
team.  If that's not an appropriate anticipation I'd like to know so
that I can move on.  

I personally own 2 remote servers and manage them from the shell.  I
code in vim, and manage mysql databases with the mysql shell in the
terminal.  Including the creation and structure modification of tables.
I use iptables as my firewall, and edit cron entries manually.  I
believe these skills would be useful in your migration effort.  If you
have all the help you need I understand and won't take it personal.  But
please don't ignore my offer.  It's genuine and sincere.

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