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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Wed Jan 7 01:28:13 CST 2009

On 7 Jan 2009, at 02:28, Erika Meyer wrote:

> Here is some work I've done:
> Secondary landing pages
> http://www.seastorm.org/evolt-frontend/evoltIII/evolt_thg/ 
> articles.html
> http://www.seastorm.org/evolt-frontend/evoltIII/evolt_thg/ 
> browsers.html
> http://www.seastorm.org/evolt-frontend/evoltIII/evolt_thg/lists.html
> code guide (still needs a lot of work)
> http://www.seastorm.org/evolt-frontend/evoltIII/evolt_thg/guide_code2.html

OK, first glance stuff:

Much more attractive overall than last version
Much more evolt-like than last version
I really like the Swag call to action, and wonder whether - using user  
roles - we can come up with a number of user-appropriate calls to action
I *really* like the <h#> styles

Need to do something to limit max-width - columns are just too wide  
for fullscreen on hi-def monitors (1680px wide here). I continue to  
respectfully disagree with Felix, but you knew that ;-)

Garrett twittered some lovely stuff about text readability
which is germane I think.

I didn't want to expose this yet as it's a long way behind Erika's, but:
(known to be knackered in ie6 and a bit off in FF3, but fine in Webkit  


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