[theforum] front end urls

Erika Meyer ekm at seastorm.com
Tue Jan 13 09:11:08 CST 2009

adrinux wrote:
> overall look of the site, it seems to me Erica is aiming for edgy/arty
> whilst Martin (by going with a grid) is aiming for clean and
> professional. All that talking last autumn and we still don't seem to
> agree what we're aiming for :/

I am aiming for clean, professional, and artistic.  :)  My arti-ness is 
only exhibited in things like colors/textures/borders and backgrounds 
(maybe some javascript will come into play)... which isn't all that 
edgy.  Though I hope there's a measure of originality and evoltiness. I 
am trying to keep semantics  without appearing generic.

& I'm lately of the mind to toss in some CSS3 progressive enhancements, too.

As a designer, I've been told I'm *not* edgy.  So that's kind of a 
compliment. :)

Martin's design does things mine doesn't in terms of allowing images of 
multiple sizes and in different locations in body text.

I took a break but I am planning to continue working on it starting soon.


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