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Jon Molesa rjmolesa at consoltec.net
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*On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 08:12:22PM -0700 Dean Mah <dean.mah at gmail.com> wrote:

Thanks for the explaination.  That I can totally understand, and
consider valid concerns and reservations.  I wasn't aware of the absence
of a key member.  I'm very new.  I can't think of a single way to
demonstrate trust worthiness to a group of strangers.  There's risk
involved on my end too however.  Throwing out free labor is begging to
have hours and hours of thankless work piled on.  Groups usually pounce
on fresh blood and youthful energy.  So on some levels I'm thankful
there aren't people depending on me to carry out tasks here.  But on the
other hand I saw a need here and thought I had something to offer.  I'm
not asking for root access either.  But to perform any system level work
does require some escalated privilages unfourtunately.  Trust _could_ be
established by started with a limited admin account that can only
execute the necessary binaries to perform the upgrade.  Once complete
the credentials could be immediately revoked.  I appreciate the evolt
community and gain from it.  I have no desire to see, or be the one to
harm it.  Still, a valid and worthy concern.  You guys don't know me.
I'm located in North Carolina and if anyone is up for meeting
face-to-face I'd be glad to do so.  If for no other reason than to just
put a face to the text.  I've gained a lot of value over the years from
using linux in my day-to-day life and I've been looking for a way to
give back.  It seems harder to give back than I ever thought it would
be.  Not that this is a linux community but evolt has contributed as
much to my education as any of the other resources I use.  I can't
contribute designs, or really even opinions as to what looks or
functions well.  I can comment on what doesn't work.  But I'm designed
impaired.  Again, thank you for taking the time to respond.  I really do
appreciate it.  I was beginning to feel unwelcome.  I hope things get
better for evolt.  And my offer will remain open.  I can offer php
coding as well.  That doesn't require access to the servers at all.  I
don't know how much custom work you guys are doing, but if you need any
php written that Drupal doesn't provide I may be able to provide

Jon Molesa
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