[theforum] Bits from the Finance Front

Sarah Adams sarahwbs at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 08:10:54 CST 2009

> The first part is a fact.  The second part ("No one is willing to step
> up") is an assumption.  I don't think we have a structure that allows
> anyone to step forward and take "ultimate responsibilty."  Not
> necessarily a bad thing, but it could likely be done better.
> We don't have formalized structure.  That doesn't mean we can't create
> it.  AND have a proper leader, a board of directors, etc.


Should we have a formalized structure?

If so, what is the first step to bringing it about?

And should we choose someone as an interim leader to prevent offers of
help from being unanswered, and any other possible problems that might
arise from no one feeling entitled to take ownership of evolt? I would
nominate Erika.

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