[theforum] Bits from the Finance Front

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Thu Jan 22 08:17:44 CST 2009

On 22 Jan 2009 at 10:10, Sarah Adams wrote:
> Should we have a formalized structure?

meh... we were more successful before that... i'm a fan of people 
just doing what they have to get it done...

> If so, what is the first step to bringing it about?

deciding who's in charge...

> And should we choose someone as an interim leader to prevent offers of
> help from being unanswered, and any other possible problems that might
> arise from no one feeling entitled to take ownership of evolt? I would
> nominate Erika.

i'll +1 that...

i've met her and i've seen the effort she's been putting forth... 
hell, she's gotten me to come, slowly and reluctantly, out of 
evolt.org retirement as of late...

and that's sort of how things always got done around here -- someone 
just asked the question and someone else just made it happen...

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