[theforum] Bits from the Finance Front

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Jan 22 13:44:33 CST 2009

Several folks nominated Erika Meyer for some kind of award or something ... (what wuzzat?  A grammy or sumptin?)

Anyway ... +1!!

Hi folks,

I certainly also appreciate the efforts and perseverance Chairmistress Erika has demonstrated round these heah parts, and the design efforts as well!

However, and as Erika noted earlier in this thread, it's all about having a reasonably cohesive team that pulls in a [cumulative vector addition] positive direction!  And about having balance through multiple positions of authority.  In fact, I believe 'chairperson' and 'executive director' positions may have been mentioned?  So, in that regard, and with the utmost respect for Erika, I would also nominate the redoubtable Mr. Burns as another very active evolter with team building and project management expertise to co-serve (if willing) in one of these executive positions of evoltauthority.

(A quick "Hi John, welcome to the zoo, glad to have to aboard, please excuse the mess" ... and a note that while only so many keyboards can be actively doing 'big things' at any one point in time, the rest of us can certainly contribute through the promotion of interesting ideas, the vetting of various concepts and strageties, and by testing the bejabbers out of just 'bout everything, including, every so often anyways, the patience of someone trying to volunteer.  ;-)  Howdy!)


(Now ifn y'all needz some 'court jesters' me, aardie, and joel could juggle a kitten, a monkey, a hamstah, some cheese, and a few deadlines ... for fun and profit.)

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