[theforum] evolt schwag help requested

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Thu Jan 22 16:16:09 CST 2009

On 20 Jan 2009 at 13:51, aardvark wrote:

> On 7 Jan 2009 at 16:46, Erika Meyer wrote:
> [...]
> > Can someone perhaps step up and foster the evoltgear situation?
> [...]
> i am in no position to take on a task like this... however, i do have 
> an embroidery company within the empire...
> it's conceivable that we could embroider things and have them ready 
> to go as part of another store...
> within the next week i plan to send off the evolt.org logo for a test 
> sew-out... from there i can see what works (hats, shirts, bags, 
> etc.)... i can put together pricing and go from there...
> what would be awesome is if the schwag store went somewhere we could 
> front some money to buy and embroider a bunch of shirts to keep in 
> stock...
> erika, feel free to speak to me offlist, too, to discuss other 
> options...


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