[theforum] evolt schwag help requested

Erika Meyer ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Jan 22 16:51:46 CST 2009

aardvark wrote:
> On 20 Jan 2009 at 13:51, aardvark wrote:
>> On 7 Jan 2009 at 16:46, Erika Meyer wrote:
>> [...]
>>> Can someone perhaps step up and foster the evoltgear situation?
>> [...]
>> i am in no position to take on a task like this... however, i do have 
>> an embroidery company within the empire...

Sorry, apparently "thinking about a response" and "responding" are two 
different things.

First, thank you.

Second, I've seen some of the embroidery stuff based on an email to this 
list sent back in 2005, and though I am not a particular fan of 
embroidery,* I am also not well-informed about its potential. I do have 
a lot of faith in your sense aesthetics, aardvark (crazy but its true)

Maybe it's being on the west coast, we tend to be more about 
screen-print t-shirts and hoodies. I never wear polo shirts (which I 
associate more with embroidery but I could be wrong.)

I like t-shirts; the problem with them is the expense that comes with 
lots of colors, and color really is a big part of our logo.

I was inspired by this: http://simplebits.com/shop/ This shirt is 
simple, elegant, sells well. Once we're all drupalized, would not a 
black & white RSS feed icon look cool on a shirt-front? evolt.org logo 
on back or sleeve...

and the oldschool tagwear... that was well-done stuff.  Whatever we 
choose, we should have IMO limited edition, well-designed, items.  I am 
on board with your process aardvark and as I said before, I trust your 

>> within the next week i plan to send off the evolt.org logo for a test 
>> sew-out... from there i can see what works (hats, shirts, bags, 
>> etc.)... i can put together pricing and go from there...

Sounds great to me.



* I have been known to do free-form hand-embroidery, however

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