[theforum] Bits from the Finance Front

Javier Velasco pega at mantruc.com
Thu Jan 22 16:48:07 CST 2009

Welcome aboard Jon!

I'm ready to second nominations for Ericka and Martin to help us get the 
fire strong again.

I'm currently not in position to collaborate much time into this, you'll 
be hearing me pop in every now and then, nowadays I'm particularly 
interested in watching and helping in how we can get regrouped and 
reorganized. I'd also love to help on the redesign area, but seems to be 
beyond my volunteer time.

As an update for old-timers and intro to newcomers, I'm now doing a PhD 
in Information Sciences at UNC Chapel Hill, and that demands more time 
than anyone who's not been close witness to can imagine. In any case, 
when I told my evolt.org story to my advisor he was very impressed, so 
I'm thinking of how I can leverage this whole experience into my research.

I would suggest people who want to collaborate on this to go over the 
evolt.org case study that Louis Rosenfeld did for his O'Reilly 
Information Architecture book, you can probably find it at a nearby 
library, the chapter appears on the second and third editions. I think 
it's a good idea to look at that and think about what worked then, and 
how we can improve on that to bring new life into our beloved community.

Regarding Dan, do you guys now he's now working strong in politics? Nice 
way to leverage his natural leadership skills imo.


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