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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Jan 22 18:10:33 CST 2009

On 22 Jan 2009, at 19:44, Luther, Ron wrote:

> I would also nominate the redoubtable Mr. Burns as another very  
> active evolter with team building and project management expertise  
> to co-serve (if willing) in one of these executive positions of  
> evoltauthority.

Which is nice and thoroughly flattering and all, but with an insanely  
stupid job working across 5.5 hours of timezones, and 3 small  
children, I think my active role will be limited to throwing in the  
odd piece of (badly worded) thought about how shit should run.  
Otherwise I'd have finished the weo design I'm working on, which in my  
head is bluddy grate, and answers a whole bunch of questions that have  
been in my mind for about 5 years now.

I'm too young to be an elder statesman, dagnabbit...

But I *do* think that a dynamic equilibrium of approx 3 (+/-1)  
passionate people who understand that they are stewards, not owners,  
and are prepared to argue their case but ultimately come to a workable  
compromise[1] would be A Good Thing. And that being the case, if that  
nice Mr Handelaar isn't one of them, there's something gone wrong.


[1] mmm dialectic

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