[theforum] evolt schwag help requested

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Jan 22 19:03:42 CST 2009

On 23 Jan 2009, at 00:23, Erika Meyer wrote:

>> 2) Stock and associated money sitting in a cardboard box
> how would the money be sitting in a cardboard box??? (unless we are  
> selling at events or something)
> (I usually try to keep my t-shirt stock in a plastic tub, w/  
> envelopes and sharpies nearby)

Sorry - I mean that stock sitting unsold *is* money in a cardboard  
box. Unusable. Just sunk cost.

>> 3) distribution of anything bigger than a wee book of stickers (ie  
>> can fit in a DL envelope with a standard stamp)
> if someone trustworthy is willing to take it on,

Because I'd rather not burden a volunteer with the long term  
prospect[1] of providing a turnaround speed that would match  

> if the risk is minimal, and if it looks like it will make us money,  
> why have a problem with it?

Yeah, so it's extremely unlikely to make us money. Bet you beer that  
any profit made on the 1st batch goes right into the 2nd batch. And  
then we have some unsold, which wipes out the margin on a much larger  
number of sales. We do *not* want to do stock. I've co-run a small- 
scale mail-order business, and seen the stress, and it ain't pretty...  
this is *not* what we're good at.


[1] And don't even get me *started* on the potential problems of  
swapping this between people.

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