[theforum] w.e.o. stuff (was Bits from Finance)

Erika Meyer ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Jan 23 19:52:18 CST 2009

aardvark wrote:
>> Third, gee whiz.  I have already spent a sh*t ton of time on this.  IMO 
>> we don't need to have 3 people independently doing a w.e.o design.  So 
>> if you guys start building a design in earnest, I am going to stop.
> no, that's not my plan... but knowing that someone can assist, 
> review, pick up for a few, evaluate, etc. would be nice... that can't 
> really be done when the requirements are locked in one person's 
> head...

Adrian, Do you have a teamworkpm acct yet?  I have to run but if you 
aren't on that I'll make you an acct (or someone else w/ admin priv on 
teamwork can)  I've tried to get as much gathered there as I could, but 
there is a lot of feedback I gathered from theforum and IRC chat, and 
then there's the survey results (the final ones still need to go online).

see these if you haven't (Martin's urls are up that week too)

I haven't worked on it since, but I do plan to get back into it next 
week.  I did a full Eric Meyer CSS reset which I don't know if that was 
the wisest thing (more work setting styles) but anyway... yes I would 
like to do "real" usability study on our design too, even if it's just 
quick & dirty, real observations..

Tara has some wireframes of her ideas on flickr somewhere; I asked for 
them to go on teamwork site but I don't think they ever did.  John H and 
William A gave me feedback on thechat but I didn't really collect that 

You prob want to look at my revision of your code guide too.

Sorry it's not better organized, but there has been a lot of feedback 
given, info gathered...


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