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On 24 Jan 2009, at 07:05, Erika Meyer wrote:

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> from Martin:
> I had some thoughts which are on the Colophon of my version:


and my thinking has moved on from there a bit too:

1) Front page has to do a *much* better job at explaining 'what is  
this place?'
2) Site as a whole has to do a *much* better job at explaining 'who  
are these people?'
3) Site really needs to have a constant drumbeat of *user-appropriate*  
calls to action:
    i) If you're an anon user, register (and why)
   ii) If you're not a listmember, join thelist
  iii) If you're not a thechat member, join thechat
   iv) If you *are* registered, write an article/make a comment
    v) If you're registered, buy some swag
   vi) If you're registered and a member of thechat/theforum: donate
  vii) If you're a thechat member, find evolters near you (dopplr  
integration? Google maps for sure)
viii) If you're a thechat member, find/organise a beervolt
    The example that hovers in front of me is the *exceptional* job  
that barackobama.com did at this.

I'd also like a much better, much more strongly integrated, view of  
what evolters do in other social networks/on their own blogs.
Community, Community, Community.

Because the brand value I think we have that's *different* from ALA  
(etc) is that we are more collectivist, less "One guy and his/her  

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