[theforum] WYSIWYG Editor

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Fri Jan 30 06:47:17 CST 2009

>-Of course it could be done, but I think
>-1) Our author audience wouldn't see HTML writing as a barrier
>-2) It's an idiot filter - if you can't write HTML, or work out the
>-'filtered HTML' option, then the chances of you being able to submit
>-something worthwhile are pretty slim
>-3) Need to be convinced that wsiwyg editors cope with inline code

OK All fair comments - I asked the question purely because:
a) - I've been experimenting with wysiwyg editors in D6
b) - there were some comments a few months back about difficulties in
creating articles - can't remember the details or even if it was the text
editor was the problem.


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