[theforum] I made stickers.

Drs M. Feenstra, MALD, MBA marcel at wintasy.com
Sun Feb 8 13:42:05 CST 2009

Erika Meyer said:

> 15¢ per sticker  (right? math is not my strong point)... So I'm thinking
> 30¢/sticker w/ a 50-sticker minimum -- paypal fees AND worldwide
> shipping included. (World domination *is* important.)  So, theforum gets
> dibs.  Anyone who wants 50 "really cool" evolt.org stickers can paypal
> me $15.  ($30 for 100 stickers, etc).

Erika: since I wouldn't want you to get "stuck" with all that stuff, I'll
take 50!


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