[theforum] Design by community

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Feb 23 10:57:54 CST 2009

Adrinux noted:

>>After reading Leisa's article I wonder whether evolt.org
>>wouldn't actually benefit from wider community involvement. 

Okay, it's all kinda cool in the nebulous sense ... but maybe I'm missing the 'aha, *here* is where the evolt train has gone off the rails' moment.  Are there any specific recommendations you want to try?  We just had a survey thing and I thought there were a couple fresh ideas in the results there we could spin up.

Overall, I think we're a pretty flexible lot.  If you've got something new to try I think we might be willing to give it a pull and hear how the bells ring!  [1]


[1] Obviously, it was the 'other' one!

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