[theforum] [Finance] PNC AutoAlert

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Tue Mar 3 07:46:27 CST 2009


I forgot to cancel the KVM (remote keyboard-video-monitor over TCP/IP) 
service after I finished the Ubuntu install!  Last time we paid nothing, 
(I suppose because I canceled it like two days later).

But I needed it again after the drive failure, when I installed Ubuntu 
on the new server.  And this time we got hit with $100 setup fee, the 
initial pro-rated partial month of service ($24) and now $30 for a 
second month of service!  Damn Damn Damn.

Gotta transfer a nuther cupla hundred from PayPal, now.  Sorry, evolt. 
I really dropped the ball on this one -- I didn't even look at these 
bills (the Planet auto-bills our VISA check card) and wouldn't have 
noticed it now if it hadn't been for this low-balance alert.

Thank goodness I setup a low-balance alert, at least!


PNCBank_autoalerts at pncbank.com wrote:
> You are receiving this notice because you asked us to let you know when the
> the available balance in your account reached a certain amount.
>         Account Type:             CHECKING
>         Account Number:           XXXXXXXXXXXXX5976
>         Your Designated Balance:   100.00
>         Date:                     03/02/2009
> To determine if there have been any additional transactions that could 
> impact your available balance, go to Online Banking at pnc.com.

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