[theforum] Sleepwalking to death and financial ruin

adrinux adrinux at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 04:25:19 CDT 2009

Both theforum and sysadmin lists seem to have fallen silent.

I lost track of what was going on when tron broke. Can someone
(presumably Dean since he seems to have been the only one visibly
working on things?) give a run down of where we are in terms of moving
things across to tron and getting Drupal 6 set up for development?

Just been looking at the wiki and it seems we still need to move eo,
beo and teo to tron, and that's all?  Is it possible to run Drupal 4
on the lastest ubuntu? In other words can we at least move everything
on to the one server?

I've been seriously contemplating joining the 'evolt is dead' camp and
moving on as others have done, but decided to make one last effort.
Those of us on the Drupal side of things really need to get our act

Adrian Simmons | http://perlucida.com

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