[theforum] [Finance] PNC AutoAlert

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Sun Jul 5 11:10:26 CDT 2009


PNCBank_autoalerts at pncbank.com wrote:
 > You are receiving this notice because you asked us to let you
 > know if your account becomes overdrawn. On the date shown below,
 > your available funds were not sufficient to pay checks and other
 > items presented for payment.
 > For 24/7 information about this account, please sign on to our
 > free Online Banking service at pnc.com. Thank you for banking
 > with PNC.

We were down to $29.29 in the bank and so had insufficient funds 
available when The Planet's monthly $113 hosting fee hit on the 3rd.

Kindly, the bank chose to pay the charge and overdraft our account, 
rather than denying the charge (made via VISA debit card) so our balance 
  went negative $85.55.  I'm doing such a great job as Treasurer lately, eh?

So I've just transferred another $300 to the bank from PayPal to cover 
the overdraft and buy us another coupla months.  Paypal now has $1036.94 
(thanks to a handful of occasional and monthly-subscription donations 
this year, and one Amazon referrals payment).

Needless to say, it would be great if we could migrate weo, leo, beo 
(and any other eo's) off of tempest and onto tron asap so we can stop 
paying for both servers, and lower our monthly cost to ~$50 from $113.



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