[theforum] Damn those guys at The Planet

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Wed Jul 29 23:09:25 CDT 2009

Our friggin hosting provider!

First, while we get a measly terabyte of bandwidth per month (not that 
we need or use most of it) now they go and offer ten terabytes per month 
free on new servers -- bitches ...what about us?

THEN! While I must've wasted three solid *weeks* of my life this year 
remotely installing one, then a second, Debian-based operating system 
new evolt servers from the Planet because they had at some point simply 
decided to quietly drop offering Debian on new servers, now they go and 
flip-flop on that decision in a big way, and now they are offering 
Debian 4 (etch), 5 (lenny) *and* Ubuntu "8.x" and "9.x"! (pre-installed 
and free of cost (of course)).  Can you believe the nerve??


(Now if we could just get our shit off the old Debian sarge box (and 
onto our new box (before, you know, we run out of money & stuff) well 
that'd just be just great too.)


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