[theforum] Damn those guys at The Planet

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Aug 6 07:36:06 CDT 2009

David Kaufman noted consternation with ...

>>Our friggin hosting provider!


>>First, while we get a measly terabyte of bandwidth per month (not that 
>>we need or use most of it) now they go and offer ten terabytes per month 
>>free on new servers -- bitches ...what about us?


>>THEN! While I must've wasted three solid *weeks* of my life this year 
>>remotely installing one, then a second, Debian-based operating system 
>>new evolt servers from the Planet because they had at some point simply 
>>decided to quietly drop offering Debian on new servers, now they go and 
>>flip-flop on that decision in a big way, and now they are offering 
>>Debian 4 (etch), 5 (lenny) *and* Ubuntu "8.x" and "9.x"! (pre-installed 
>>and free of cost (of course)).  Can you believe the nerve??

Ouch!  Oh my.  The 'cost' of being a technology leader I suppose.  ;-)

>>(Now if we could just get our shit off the old Debian sarge box (and 
>>onto our new box (before, you know, we run out of money & stuff) well 
>>that'd just be just great too.)

Excellent point!

Uh Yeah, I had been wondering about that ... but kind of afraid to ask since my guess was that maybe nothing was going on.  Ya know - if there is any simple little thing (oohing and aahing over the pretty lights, maybe?) that some old luddite can help out with - lemme know and I will try to do that!

Thanks for your effort Dave!


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