[theforum] BEO ad tag

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Thu Aug 27 09:15:18 CDT 2009

Just a heads up,

I updated the google ad tag in:


and in:


The old versions of both files are in ~tilde-suffixed backup files int 
he same path.

Here's the diff:

diff beo-footer.adsense.html~ beo-footer.adsense.html
< <script type="text/javascript">
< <!--
< google_ad_client = 'pub-9825598862931734';
< google_ad_channel = '1040041585';
< // google_ad_test = 'on';
< google_ad_width = 120;
 > <script type="text/javascript"><!--
 > google_ad_client = "pub-9825598862931734";
 > /* 160x600, created 8/27/09 */
 > google_ad_slot = "8402236958";
 > google_ad_width = 160;
< google_ad_format = '120x600_as';
< // google_ad_url = 'browsers.evolt.org';
< google_color_border = '869AA4';
< google_color_bg = 'C6C8CF';
< google_color_link = '000000';
< google_color_url = '869AA4';
< google_color_text = '000000';
< // -->
 > //-->

The new tag allows us to store the ad settings on the google side, and 
change/manage them from their UI.

Then I made the following changes to the ad:

1. I made it a wider, to better match the column width (though that's 
somewhat fluid) so it's now 160x600 instead of 120x600 (also to better 
match the red box above, which looks to about 160 wide too)

2. I gave it cutesy rounded corners (massive innovation, there)

3. I faithfully preserved the dark, spooky-moody, edgy color scheme of 
BEO and the previous ad unit :-)

I'd *never* ask you all (and certainly would never ask you all to ask 
all your friends) to click on ads there, just because they are CPC 
(cost-per-click), and our average monthly revenue from beo has hit an 
all time low of around ~$23... because that would be a blatant violation 
of our terms of service with Google!

So hopefully all of beo's organic visitor traffic will be so smitten 
with the new improved width and corner roundness that they, and you and 
all your friends will be moved to visit all those advertisers site of 
their own free will!

I also had a google adsense rep call me and offer to help us maximize 
our revenue by adding ad units elsewhere on the page -- they recommend 
big square ads in the middle of the content cell (and elsewhere).

While I'm not thrilled about adding more ads to the page, I do kinda 
like the idea of adding some other types of ads besides the classic 
google text ad:


Of course they have image ads now (though these are never animated, 
which is a nice touch),

Video ads would be cool (as long as the products being advertised were 
cool and neat things (to web developers) as opposed to, you know, late 
night infomercials for the latest nutrient additives, self-help books, 
exercise equipment or get-rich-quick program...)

And I'm almost afraid to click through to see what a "Gadget Ad" is... 
but wish me luck!


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