[theforum] BEO ad tag

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Sun Aug 30 07:07:22 CDT 2009

David Kaufman wrote:
> I'd *never* ask you all (and certainly would never ask you all to ask 
> all your friends) to click on ads there, just because they are CPC 
> (cost-per-click), and our average monthly revenue from beo has hit an 
> all time low of around ~$23... because that would be a blatant violation 
> of our terms of service with Google!
> So hopefully all of beo's organic visitor traffic will be so smitten 
> with the new improved width and corner roundness that they, and you and 
> all your friends will be moved to visit all those advertisers site of 
> their own free will!
At the risk of sounding ... grumpy ...

am I the only one thinking that we should consider calling it a day?


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