[theforum] Financial situation

Dean Mah dean.mah at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 11:20:44 CDT 2009

On 2009-09-07, at 9:17 AM, Eduardo Kienetz <eduardok at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 2:13 AM, David Kaufman<david at gigawatt.com>  
> wrote:
>> Fortunately, on the expense side, all we need to do is get off our  
>> butts
>> and move weo, leo and beo (www., lists. and browsers.evolt.org) from
>> tempest, the old server, onto tron, the new one
> What's preventing us from moving weo, leo, beo?
> Sep. 15th I should be back to Canada so latency shouldn't be a problem
> for me to help on that if it's labor what we need :)

A couple considerations for w.e.o:

1) Drupal 4.6.1 does not work out of the box on tron.  There is a  
session problem.

2) The evolt.org theme does not work on versions of Drupal > 4.

This means that we cannot move the w.e.o without someone getting  
Drupal 4.6.1 working and we cannot upgrade to a newer version without  
a theme. As well there was a major database change between 4.6 and 4.7  
which makes the data migration more painful than it normally would be.

What would be nice is if someone could come up with a working Drupal 6  
or 7 theme.

l.e.o can be moved. The only major hurdle is to merge the archives and  
mbox files from when the lists were running on tempest and tron.

There is also the problem of babysitting switchover. Last time I use  
netcat to redirect the smtp port traffic on tempest to tron. This  
worked for the most part while DNS was being updated with the  
exception that all of the spamer traffic would freeze inetd and lock  
up the port. We do it the same way with someone watching or we do it  
another way.  Using nc allowed everything on tron to look as if smtp  
client connection was direct to the server. Other methods may affect  
mailman and/or the archive.

I probably won't have dedicated time to work on these problems until  
middle of Sep or early Oct.


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