[theforum] 404's in thelist archives

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Mon Dec 21 07:50:46 CST 2009

So I googled "styling input tag" this morning:


and was not surprised to see theList archives in the top 3 results, but 
I was surprised when i got a 404 not found click on one...


Being somewhat (but not terribly) familiar with mailman archives I was 
able to locate that week's (March 31, 2003) archive-by-date page:


And, using Google cache for comparison, found that Tom's post is still 
there, but it's filename has changed, from 138238.html to 026415.html


What's up with that?  Did these change during the recent move of lists 
from tempest to tron?

I'm pretty handy with Apache RewriteRule's and would be happy to fix 
these 404's (assuming there are more).  In fact, if a lot of these have 
changed and we know, or can generate, a list of what the old ID's and 
new ID's are, this sounds like a job for an Apache RewriteMap!



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