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David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Sun Aug 22 08:43:49 CDT 2010

Hi Marcel,

Drs M. Feenstra, MALD, MBA wrote:
> Hi all,
> As I was looking at the article moderation queue, I noticed something
> strange that is probably the result of some bug (in Drupal?):
> There is an "article" called "Print Grocery Coupons- the easiest mode for
> shopping" by "grocerycoupons". When I looked at the details for this user,
> the system showed that he had been a community member for "40 years 34
> weeks" (?!);

and yet, on the article page it says: "User since: August 20, 2010"

> ...furthermore, he is Blocked Spamming Scum --which used to mean
> that you could no longer see his details but got a message along the lines
> of "Uh Oh! Nothing to see here!" (IIRC)
> Marcel Feenstra

These issues are probably because we moved WEO to a new machine.

Thanks for the bug reports!

Regarding "Blocked Spamming Scum" users, I'll check to see if there is 
some customization we made that I failed to move to the new system hat 
caused them to be not found (the uh-oh page) instead of merely disabled.

And the date-formatting thing may be a change between drupal 4.6.1 on 
PHP 4 and the new machine's D 4.6.11 on PHP 5.  I'll see if I can't 
google a clue from others who had date issues on drupal 4 after 
upgrading to php 5.

Please let me know if you notice any other weirdnesses on the site!


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