[theforum] Browsers, un-mirrored (was: Re: Cut Over)

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Wed Oct 6 07:27:11 CDT 2010

Hi Neuro,

OK I've downloaded the browser archive, ~14 gigs over http, to tron from:


The files are on tron in the directory:


Having mirrored these with wget, there are index.html files for each 
directory which are clearly www.mirrorservice.org's site design, but i 
hope this will allow us to get BEO back up and running.

The lastupdated.txt file says: 2009-07-15 11:09:20 CDT

I hope we didn't have lose any changes we'd made since then...

Can you help me sort out what to delete from these files, and where to 
put the rest?



On 9/30/2010 12:09 PM, David Kaufman wrote:
 > On 9/30/2010 4:01 AM, William Anderson wrote:
 >> ... I can't find the beo archive.  Where is everything?  I can find
 >> the beo vhost, but where is the data that was in
 >> /wherever/vhosts/were/on/tempest/archive.browsers.evolt.org ?
 >> This is why beo is throwing an error.
 >> Where are the old files from tempest?
 > Sadly, I thought you had migrated BEO to tron already and I did not
 > transfer any BEO files from tempest.
 >> Is tempest completely shut off or can we still get into it? (I note 
 >> my home dir is completely empty)
 > It is gone. When you cancel a server they format the drives
 > first thing.
 > [...]
 > So what have we lost? The whole browser archive? The downloadable
 > browser files themselves?
 > Do we have an offsite backup of these somewhere, perhaps, hopefully, 
 > on the UK mirror you mentioned?
 > -dave

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