[theforum] browser archive spring clean

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Mar 12 00:35:30 CDT 2012

hey kids,

it has been occurring to me for a while that the browser archive at
http://browsers.evolt.org/ (for those with doug-like attention spans
... SQUIRREL!) still had the ooooooold evolt.org look and feel.  So,
I've huckled in ze css from evolt.org for styling with le bootstrap
from twitter for scaffolding and a new directory browser backend (the
link to which I've lost already [it's 5:30am and i'm tired!], but it's
called encode explorer).

take a looksee.  If anyone can figure out how to make the blue bar
across the top of the content container be the 'test' red rather than
the 'work' blue, be my guest; you can find the code for that bit in
If you see any problems, holler at me pls.



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