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Adrian Roselli Roselli at algonquinstudios.com
Tue Jun 4 11:03:38 CDT 2013

[This is a reply to William Anderson's post at http://lists.evolt.org/theforumarchive/Week-of-Mon-20130527/010696.html, which I cannot reply to directly since I don't have the email so reply-to headers be damned.]

As you know, the evolt.org site has been broken for some time. The platform is old, the content is even older, and the community that built it is scattered.

Here's my idea of how we celebrate 15 years:

1. Convert evolt.org to a static HTML site. Turn off submissions, commenting, and sign-ups. Take the site as it stands now (when it is working), spider it to flat HTML, and keep it out there as a part of web history. At that point, it can really be hosted anywhere.

2. Approach some of the names in the industry (folks like Christian Heilmann, Eric Meyer, and so on) who were evolters or had worked directly with evolt.org and ask them to write up a missive for the 15th anniversary (with a 6 month lead time).

3. Approach evolt.org contemporaries of the time (Webmonkey guys, Zeldman) and ask if they'd like to say a few words about our shared history.

4. Gather it all and put together a nice anniversary piece on the home page, while gracefully announcing the permanent mothballing of weo, all links still intact.

I think the lists and beo can continue on, assuming there is enough use to warrant.
-aardvark (since I think that's the only name I've used on the lists)

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