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Jon Molesa rjmolesa at consoltec.net
Tue Jun 4 12:30:15 CDT 2013

Some *free* options to host static sites with cloud scalability are Google
App Engine and Heroku. Host on both to distribute the load, and balance the
free tiers of each. Throw Cloudflare in front and you get varnish caches
and dns record control for free as well. I'm using this setup for a few
sites of mine. Works well and for a static site, it's blazing fast.

On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 12:56 PM, <marcel at wintasy.com> wrote:

> If it is decided that the "static weo" idea is the way forward, I'd be
> happy
> to provide free hosting for it --my one-man company has a few servers with
> more than enough disk space and bandwidth for a site like that...
> Best,
> Marcel
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> On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 5:03 PM, Adrian Roselli
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> > [This is a reply to William Anderson's post at
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> > l, which I cannot reply to directly since I don't have the email so
> > reply-to headers be damned.]
> It works, woo!
> > As you know, the evolt.org site has been broken for some time. The
> platform is old, the content is even older, and the community that built it
> is scattered.
> Yup.
> > Here's my idea of how we celebrate 15 years:
> >
> > 1. Convert evolt.org to a static HTML site. Turn off submissions,
> commenting, and sign-ups. Take the site as it stands now (when it is
> working), spider it to flat HTML, and keep it out there as a part of web
> history. At that point, it can really be hosted anywhere.
> Interesting.  I doubt we'd need to spider it since everything's in the
> database.  See comments below.
> > 2. Approach some of the names in the industry (folks like Christian
> Heilmann, Eric Meyer, and so on) who were evolters or had worked directly
> with evolt.org and ask them to write up a missive for the 15th anniversary
> (with a 6 month lead time).
> Like it.
> > 3. Approach evolt.org contemporaries of the time (Webmonkey guys,
> Zeldman)
> and ask if they'd like to say a few words about our shared history.
> Anyone have contacts at WIRED?  :)
> > 4. Gather it all and put together a nice anniversary piece on the home
> page, while gracefully announcing the permanent mothballing of weo, all
> links still intact.
> weo as-is, unless there is a massive upswell of support for retaining evolt
> as a web developer community and support site, should definitely be
> mothballed.  I think it would be nice to wrap the *content* in a pleasing,
> simple, modern HTML template, leaving it all Google-friendly and
> reader-friendly at the same time.  Mike is looking at various Drupal
> upgrade-locally / sidegrade-to-the-cloud options to make lives easier.
> > I think the lists and beo can continue on, assuming there is enough use
> to
> warrant.
> Hence my thought of expanding the mission of evolt.org from web developer
> community to simply community.  I'm not sure I'm articulating this part
> well.  I like the idea of people sharing things with people they like, and
> commenting on them.  I'm aware people do this already on Facebook, Reddit,
> Hacker News, et al.  I think we could join in the fun.  I'm not sure.
> Wibble.
> -n
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Jon Molesa
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... so please excuse me for every typo in the email above.

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