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Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Tue Jun 4 14:38:09 CDT 2013

I think it's sad that you are thinking about giving up and effectively
turning the lights off - weo that is. However I think there is still a place
for thelist.
I've only been a member about 4 years, but the community  has helped me
enormously with the advice that has been given on thelist. 
I look at ALA all the time but evolt has something that ALA doesn't - not
sure what - but whatever it is I like it -  sad to see the drop off of
activity on thelist  - maybe the growing maturity of the members - in
experience that is, not age.

There is a place for thelist, maybe it just needs to be publicised  more
widely. It has some of the best advice around.
Not sure how to take this forward - but happy to help promote thelist,
increase the membership, and keep it going.



Simon MacDonald
simonmacdonald at uk2.net

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> > Here's my idea of how we celebrate 15 years:
> >
> > 1. Convert evolt.org to a static HTML site. Turn off submissions, 
> > commenting, and sign-ups. Take the site as it stands now (when it is 
> > working), spider it to flat HTML, and keep it out there as a part of 
> > web history. At that point, it can really be hosted anywhere.
> Interesting.  I doubt we'd need to spider it since everything's in the
> See comments below.

True, but sometimes a spider tool does a good job of gathering all the
assets and creating a simple flat file structure. I still spider stuff all
the time (most recently when Posterous shut down), but I understand that a
technical discussion is premature. Even though I just had one.

> > 2. Approach some of the names in the industry (folks like Christian 
> > Heilmann, Eric Meyer, and so on) who were evolters or had worked 
> > directly with evolt.org and ask them to write up a missive for the 
> > 15th anniversary (with a 6 month lead time).
> Like it.

If others like it then we should gather names. For example, Stephane
Deschamps does a good job of finding other evolters at conferences, Martin
seems to have a good handle on many, and so on. They can all help identify
folks to approach.

> > 3. Approach evolt.org contemporaries of the time (Webmonkey guys,
> > Zeldman) and ask if they'd like to say a few words about our shared
> Anyone have contacts at WIRED?  :)

Is anyone still at Wired?

> > 4. Gather it all and put together a nice anniversary piece on the 
> > home page, while gracefully announcing the permanent mothballing of 
> > weo, all links still intact.
> weo as-is, unless there is a massive upswell of support for retaining 
> evolt as a web developer community and support site, should definitely 
> be mothballed.  I think it would be nice to wrap the *content* in a 
> pleasing, simple, modern HTML template, leaving it all Google-friendly 
> and reader- friendly at the same time.  Mike is looking at various 
> Drupal upgrade-locally / sidegrade-to-the-cloud options to make lives

I think carving it out of any CMS is a good idea if it goes static. I still
think the evolt.org blacktabnavbarthingie template that Isaac put together
is the most iconic of all the layouts we've had. But I also have no interest
in trying to make a go of that or any other re-templating effort.

> > I think the lists and beo can continue on, assuming there is enough 
> > use to warrant.
> Hence my thought of expanding the mission of evolt.org from web 
> developer community to simply community.  I'm not sure I'm 
> articulating this part well.  I like the idea of people sharing things 
> with people they like, and commenting on them.  I'm aware people do 
> this already on Facebook, Reddit, Hacker News, et al.  I think we could
join in the fun.  I'm not sure.
> Wibble.


I don't mean to sound dismissive, but there are so many platforms, so many
networks, and so many ways of doing it that *I* wouldn't want to play in
that space. Whether or not I would be interested should have no bearing on
the future direction, however. Otherwise we'd be selling evolt.org cheeses.

Which I would buy.

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