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On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 9:02 PM, Adrian Roselli
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>> Read this thread from the 27th May archive onwards.
> Aw crap, this is on me, isn't it...? At least the part about getting people to write something.
> I totally dropped the ball. That and my email filter is aggressive.

No worries Adrian, the mere fact you stood up and offered to help is

It turns out Mike (emkay) has been Mister Fucking Awesome, and has
been doing some sterling work migrating the content from weo into a
Jekyll-based static archive, which we will host on GitHub (using their
Pages feature).  This will obviate the need to rely on tron for
serving the site, and we can start thinking about moving beo and leo
elsewhere.  There's no rush to do those two moves, but I'm still keen
to get weo done before the 15th anniversary.

I'm going to try to knock up one of those single page fancy scrolly
things with text onboard, hopefully saying "hey, evolt.org is this
thing, here's what we did from 1998 to 2013 (weo archive), here's
things we still do (leo, beo), here's some nice things people said".

Ideally I'd like to have this all knocked on the head by the end of
the month, so that there is some lead time to make noise in places
(reddit, hacker news, etc etc).

As for people to poke at, it's 3:30am here and my brain is misfiring
so I can't think of people off the top of my head.  I guess there are
people who were involved with evolt in the early days who have gone on
to greater things (wasn't David Ulevitch of OpenDNS fame involved at
one point?  That's the only one that pops out at me just now).

We could also poke people like Jason Kottke and John Gruber who
obviously weren't involved but who like reporting on cool things like
web communities running for 15 years :)

Anyway, if anyone else can help out as Adrian asks, that would be
pretty fabulous.


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