[theforum] Zombie!

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Nov 18 04:51:45 CST 2013

On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 5:06 PM, Erika Meyer <ekm at seastorm.com> wrote:
> Hi William - My understanding is that at Evolt, the answer is always "yes"
> unless someone says otherwise.

Oh totally, but until I actually see someone standing up and saying
"hey, I'll help", and then, you know, helping ... ;)

> I don't know if I have anything to offer in this endeavor, but I will
> certainly help out as Adrian asks.


I had been thinking about folk like Dave McLean, Matt Haughey,
Peter-Paul Koch, David Ulevitch, Jason Kottke to be getting started
with ... people who are well known in and outwith webdev circles, who
have been list members and contributors, and who have helped us out in
the past (e.g. davidu via everydns did our DNS until we self hosted
and davidu went off for world domination via opendns).

If no-one can spare the time to try and get some testimonial-like
rememberances from people, I can kick it off.  In fact I will, later
today, I think.

I appreciate not everyone has spare time, but even a quick 10 second
"hey, busy" reply here would have been great, as then I could have
gauged if people are listening in the first place.  But since the
flurry of "huh, ooh, ok" in June, it's been silence.

In the mean time, emkay and I have been boshing out the "new" site.

A static archive of all the old evolt.org articles in the current
theme, with a 'front door' describing what evolt is, what evolt does,
and why we're not accepting articles any more.  The theme of the
'front door' is a COTS theme (commercial off the shelf, cost me $15,
worth every penny so far) to save time, arguments and shed painting.
I'm also working on it to operate on browsers.evolt.org and the front
page of lists.evolt.org (the existing leo archive theme will remain
unchanged, although I may need to double check the adsense stuff is
working correctly - Dave K if you're listening, can you verify what
our UA code is for Google Adsense?).

The plan being executed is:

- "new" evolt.org hosted on github pages
- "new" browsers.evolt.org hosted on my box in montreal
- "newish" lists.evolt.org hosted on tron as-is for now

Eventually we'll migrate tron to another service (probably AWS as
proposed earlier), but we need an action plan for that, and I need
Dave K for pursestrings and genghis for operational duties if poss, as
we'll need to move css-discuss.org's front page and lists at the same
time.  I'd rather defer that one for now as there's too much else to
do, and I believe we still have cash in the bank to fund tron for a
while longer.

If anyone else has any other ideas towards promoting evolt's 15th
birthday in under a month, pipe up!  Now's the time!


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