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Adrian Roselli Roselli at algonquinstudios.com
Mon Nov 18 09:19:11 CST 2013

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> > I had been thinking about folk like Dave McLean, Matt Haughey,
> > Peter-Paul Koch, David Ulevitch, Jason Kottke to be getting started
> > with ... people who are well known in and outwith webdev circles, who
> > have been list members and contributors, and who have helped us out in
> > the past (e.g. davidu via everydns did our DNS until we self hosted
> > and davidu went off for world domination via opendns).
> OK, I've sent messages to all of them, and I've also pinged Jeff and djc to see
> if they'd like to add anything.  Anyone else I should be pinging?  Anyone from
> the early days who has drifted off and that I've forgotten?

Isaac? Tab Atkins? Christian Heilmann? Eric Meyer? Jeffrey Zeldman?

The latter two because of connections to or contemporary position around evolt.org.

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