[theforum] new digitalocean droplet plans

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Jan 16 23:28:42 UTC 2018

hey kids,

digitalocean (who we use for our two virtual machines, and who I use
for beo) have released new droplet plans.  In general, you can get
double (some of) the resources for the same money, or the same
resources for half.  Nice!

I've resized postel (the SGP nameserver) from the old $5/mo 512MB 1CPU
droplet to the new $5/mo 1GB 1CPU droplet, and cerf (the NYC mailing
list / website server) from the old $20/mo 2GB 1CPU droplet to the new
$10/mo 2GB 1CPU droplet.

So for postel, we're getting double the RAM for the same price
(handy), and for cerf, we're getting the same spec for half the price
(woot).  Unfortunately, I couldn't downsize taylor, so I'm getting
double the RAM for the same price (shazaaaaam!).

We've virtually exhausted our $250 credit that DO gracefully gave to
us last year, so tis time to start paying for things again.  But at
least it's cheaper now (fifteen bucks a month) ;)


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