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Hi Joshua,

XHTML 1.0 (the current W3C Recommendation) says you need to use '&'
instead of just '&' in query strings...  Thus the fuss...


(See appendix C-12)


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> the cfid and cftoken are what CF uses to track user sessions.  They are
> roughly the same as maintaining the client state with cookies.  I don't
> understand why the validator does not like the attributes on the
> url.  That,
> to me, seems like a perfectly normal way to pas attributes.  Technically,
> the application could be set up to store client state in cookies and
> completely forgo the cfid and cftoken (SSURL would still work)
> but the idea
> is to not discourage users who do not have cookies enabled.  Can anybody
> explain again (I did now quite understand the first time) why the
> validor as
> w3c is horking on the parameters?
> -joshua
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