[thesite] apologies

Elfur Logadottir elfur at lists.evolt.org
Tue Dec 5 17:33:31 CST 2000

don't you just love Lotus Notes, Rudy
And you too Martin

When I see your posts I keep thinking how lucky I am to at
least have full access to my Lotus Notes account, being able
to adjust it in all ways to how I want things.

*the chatting one rests*

From: "rudy" <Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca>

| my apologies for the triple posting
| the company lotus notes server was barfing here, and made
it look (via an
| arcane error message, which i neglected to screencap) as
though the
| messages had not been sent, when they had
| usually i manage to keep a pretty cool head when systems
die on me, and
| i'm a bit peeved that i didn't remember to take the
| i have a small collection, which aren't really all that
funny, but which
| illustrate how self-centered error message authors can be
| f'rinstance, the previous one i saved from lotus notes
|       Sorry, an uncorrectable error has occurred
|       Lookuphandle: handle not allocated
|       Press ENTER to abort the application.
| duh
| rudy.ca
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