[thesite] 2nd Annual evolt.org Birthday Extravaganzapoluza!

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Tue Dec 12 16:49:40 CST 2000

(i'd like to send this out  to thelist to solicite feedback from new and 
old list members to post their thoughts on evolt to the site, anyone 
have additions they'd like to make? let me know asap so I can send it 
out tonite. thnx)

Just last Tuesday it was only 9 days away, only yesterday it was 3 days 
fore, but day after tomorrow it will be here - the 2nd Annual evolt.org 
Beach Blanket Bingo Birthday Extravaganza!

This 14th of December, we'll be celebrating our 2nd anniversery, and 
we'd like to get as many evolt members to contribute as possible with 
thoughts and reflections about what evolt means to you, how its helped 
you out, or what you like about evolt.org and its community! You can see 
some samples from last years contributers here:



Feel free to share with the rest of the evolt community! All you have to do is head to our website at evolt.org, register
a username(if you dont already have one), and click on the 'submit' link to share your thoughts.


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