[thesite] jeff, need an answer on something..

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Wed Dec 13 17:15:41 CST 2000


: From: Daniel J. Cody
: where is that script that you had walk through the content table and
: create a synopsis for articles at?

add_synopsis.cfm i believe

yes, just checked and that's indeed the file.

: i'm sure there are a couple other things i may need
: to know tonite as well.. if i can't fix them, i'm going
: to be disabling features till they can be addressed.

i'm going to try to be around as well.  i have had very little personal time
since codefest 2.0 so haven't had a chance to address things like i would
have liked to.  i'll do my best to give a couple of hours to you tonight to
get this thing live and ready.



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