[thesite] a sense of validation...

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Wed Dec 13 17:17:01 CST 2000

>dave -
>what else are you going to be working on tonite(or anyone else for that 
>matter)? i just dont want to overwrite anything you do :)

The one big thing at this point is the tabnavblackbarthingie. Elfur, I'll
squeeze that in at work before I go home, which will be around 8 or 9 CST
just to make sure it's done in time (it's weird how much difference three
hours makes). If you'll recall, it validates but it's not Adrian's final
table structure. 

The only other piece of my assigned stuff that I haven't finished is
article/dsp_edit.cfm. I never did figure out how to go about editing my own
article. Is that a still-to-come feature?

>i expect to have a functioning, ready to go site by 11pm CST tonite if 
>anyone is interested..

When should we just stop working on it? Are you going to move files out of
"test" into a different directory?

This is so freakin' cool! I've been supah biznizzy at work and haven't even
had time to really think about the new site launch... schweeeeet


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