[thesite] sign up page redone

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Wed Dec 13 23:41:43 CST 2000

> - the header 'thelist' comes up as black text... oh wait... i
> see... it's a link....
> ok, probably should not be a link, perhaps would be better in the
> content...

Yeah, I thought about that a few times, then decided to leave it. I think
you're right, though. I'll remove the link. Too much weirdness...throws off
the color, <h>'s shouldn't really be links...

> - i personally do not use asterisks to delineate required fields... i use
> <strong>...

noted. gotta be consistent across the site. I'll get it.

> - no label tags for form names, which means the form elements need 'id'
> attributes, and then you can consider 'accesskey' and 'tabindex', but i
> dunno if i'd worry right now...

Yeah, I plan to fine tune the form. Just wanted to get it functional for

> otherwise, damn fine.


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